Level 3 BTEC Unit 30: Setting and Proving Secondary Processing Machines

Credit value: 10

This unit aims to give learners the knowledge and skills needed to set up and use a range of traditional and specialist secondary processing machines to produce components.

The BTEC specification for this unit can be found here

On completion of this unit a learner should:

  • Know how traditional and specialist secondary processing machines function
  • Understand how work holding devices, tools and machine parameters are set up to produce a range of components
  • Be able to safely set up a secondary processing machine to accurately make a component
  • Know how to produce trial components relevant to the use of a secondary processing machine before handing over to an operator.

This unit has 3 Assignments:

  • Assignment 1 -
  • Assignment 2 -
  • Assignment 3 -
  • Edwards J – Lathe Operation and Maintenance (Hanser, 2003) ISBN 1569903409
  • Timings R L – Basic Manufacturing (Newnes, 2004) ISBN 0750659904